Corporate social responsibility

Since acquiring the mining rights to the Lace Diamond Mine in February 2009, DiamondCorp Plc has been committed to the continued development of the local community.

DiamondCorp has fully embraced the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. Despite being on a tight development budget, the company has successfully fulfilled all its Mining Charter and Social and Labor Plan commitments. Lace Diamond Mines (LDM) is continuing to building infrastructure and support regional development in Kroonstad, a major labour send area and our main community. Currently the major focus area for local development is infrastructure and small, micro, and medium enterprises.

Skills Development

The objective of LDM's skills development programme is to provide quality learning and growth opportunities for our employees. The Company envisages continuing to provide training in all fields for its employees through bursaries, learnerships and mentorship. The main focus of LDM Skills Development Plan is to:

·         Provide the mine with a qualified workforce;

·         Give an opportunity to develop the potential of all employees;

·         Create a culture of continuous improvement; and

·         Promote a culture of a stimulating working environment that is conducive for skills development

Current Local Economic Development Projects

1.            Brentpark High School Science Laboratory

Brentpark high school is one of the many schools that do not have a functional science laboratory in Kroonstad. LDM has committed to renovating the science laboratory as one of its infrastructural development projects of 2015. The main purpose of renovating the laboratory is to cultivate the desire students to learn and  improve their performance in science. LDM will further assist by providing initiatives that will empower the science teachers in improving their approach to teaching science.

2.            Itumeleng Early Childhood Development Centre.

Itumeleng Crèche is a non-profitable community based organization situated in Koekoe village, and is committed to early childhood development from ages 0 to 6 years. Early childhood development centers provide services that facilitate emotional, intellectual, mental, spiritual, moral, physical and social development of children from birth to 9 years. Lace Mine will be renovating Itumeleng crèche in order for the centre to reach the required standards of an ECD. 

Doornspruit School

DiamondCorp is committed to supporting education in the local community. When the Company first started operating in the area, the farm school; Doornspruit, was in desperate need of investment and refurbishment. Work was undertaken to rebuild and renovate the school and is on-going. The Company has equipped classrooms with textbooks, interactive learning equipment and for recreational time, the engineers’ onsite at the mine built a “jungle gym”.

DiamondCorp has also begun investing in scientific calculators for secondary school students in the local area.

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Presentation, June 2014

June 2016

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